Residential Electrical Services:

If your home is need of an update, contact the professionals at Power Supply Electrical Contractors Located in Northern New Jersey, we are able to assist you in completing your renovation project and making sure your electrical system is up to code. From the installation of new lighting to electrical panel upgrades, we are able to accommodate your electrical needs. Power Supply Electrical Contractors is a licensed and bonded company that is located in Northern New Jersey. We are a full-service electrical contracting and lighting consultation firm. Our licensed electrons, state-of-the art equipment and facilities can provide you with excellent service at competitive prices.

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Commercial Electrical Services:

Here at Power Supply Electrical Contractors, our commercial accounts are highly-valued. Our commercial clients have come to expect a trustworthy and reliable service that is delivered with a high-level of professionalism and a smile. We take great pride in each project and every one receives the personalized service it deserves. Power Supply Electrical Contractors handles each project from start to finish. Our services include everything from design to installation, maintenance and even repair. Our team of electrical engineers are skilled at developing innovative solutions that are cost-effective for dimming, high.low voltage lighting, government, business and industrial facility lighting. When you have your work completed by Power Supply Electrical Contractors, you can rest assure that you are getting the best quality and with excellent and reliable results. We back and guarantee everything we do. Our team of professional and experience electricians are ready and eager to work for you.

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Electrical Service Calls

We are full-service, electrical contractor that specializes in handling repair jobs, installation and remodeling projects. If you need to install a generator or have an interest in installing landscape lighting, do not hesitate to give us a call. Not only do we guarantee or high-quality work, our electricians work each job with high level of professionalism. We go to great lengths to make sure that our work area does not damage your home or business. Before we begin a project, we make sure the area is protected from dust by covering with drop cloths. To ensure that are employees are of the highest quality, they all are required to pass a background check. Or electricians are also fully licensed. Again, we pride ourselves in maintaining a certain level of professionalism. That being said, you will notice that our employees are uniformed, professional and on time. You do not have to worry about having an electrician arrive, need a part and then need to reschedule an appoint for a later time. Our service vans are well-stocked with specialty parts, light bulbs, and the latest in diagnostic equipment. We do this to reduce the need to halt a project to make a trip for supplies.


Interior Lighting Upgrades

Having the proper amount of lighting can enhance the beauty and comfort of a home. The importance of having a right amount and excellent placement of lighting is often underestimated. At Power Supply Electrical Contractors we meet a lot of homeowners that are unhappy with the amount of interior lighting in their homes. During a consultation, we discuss the various lighting options to that will increase the comfort level of their home. There are lighting options for every budget and taste. Depending on what you are seeking, we can recommend several lighting options that include recessed, cove, task, and surface mount lighting. Different lighting styles can be combined to create unique and beautiful layered looks.

Accent, Wendelighting, Fine Art

If you are looking to illuminate fine art, sculpture or lighting to outfit and entire art gallery, Power Supply Electrical Contractors consultants and electricians have the expertise and creativity to make your art truly shine. We are skilled in installing the latest models and styles of lighting like Lightolier recess lighting and Wendelighting framing projectors. We can also design and install customized lighting apertures or relamp existing fixtures. Feel free to visit our gallery to samples of our work.

Security and Landscaping Lighting

Add beauty and security to your home by illuminating your front yard, tree, walkway and garden. Our expert team can design a custom lighting system that will make your the talk of the neighborhood. If you are interested in using lighting that also serves as a security feature, we can help. Power Supply Electrical Contractors also installs moon-lights, timer-controlled, security lighting, flood and motion controlled lights. These lights will not only look good, they will alert you to intruders.

Lighting Automation Systems

Lighting automation systems are a form of technology that allows you to control the lighting in your business or home. These systems can turn off and on a group of lights with the push of a button. Automate lighting systems can be configured to work with shades, your audio/video system and thermostat. You can even use these systems to control the lighting and other home features while on vacation. Power Supply Electrical Contractors has the knowledge and expertise to safely install these systems. Feel free to contact us and let our licensed and insured electrical professionals design and install your system.

Residential Remodeling and Wiring

Power Supply Electrical Contractors has completed electrical and lighting installation projects for some of the most prestigious homes in New Jersey. Our licensed electricians’ are up-to-date on the knowledge of electrical codes. You feel comfortable in knowing that our lighting is designed and instal to reduce the chances of any future repairs or service calls. Having your lighting installed by a professional is the first step in the prevention of electrical and lighting issues. We have received many calls that required us to fix a problem created by another installation firm. Our electricians have encountered every type of wiring, in every type of housing situation. We have built many relationships with new homeowners who contact us to assist with their lighting needs.